Not having anyone to talk to

Being interested in genre literature is a solitary occupation. At least if you’re into science fiction and fantasy, lives in Sweden, and don’t generally like the fan scene. And especially so if you’re grown up.

SF? When are you going to grow up and read REAL literature???

Do ANY of your books relate to the real here and now???

All heard more than once, I promise you.

Luckily, thanks to a colleague, I found LibraryThing. There I found a motley selection of people and lots of lots of good suggestions for books to read.
I count myself lucky.

But a lot of things don’t fit in a discussion. A lot of my thinking is made through the keyboard. Seeing the sentences take form is a way to define opinions and thoughts, to make them solid. The making of knowledge is not a solitary process. Therefore I make this blog open to anyone, if, by chance, someone else would like to share in on my thoughts.

Where this will go is an open question.

Just the way I like.


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