Society transforming

As we are at the end of a year I find it appropriate to think about age and ageing. In many ways this leads to thinking about work, as of being part of the work force.

As we in the western hemisphere tends to get older and older we’re also supposed to keep on working. As the number of jobs actually available don’t increase this means a lot of young/er people not getting a foot in. The consequence of this is a lot of people not seeing themselves to have a future inside the established economy.

How will that affect our society?

(Not mentioning the fact that a lot of people don’t want to go on working – a lot of us would like to be able to work less, thankyouverymuch, if it wasn’t for the need to pay our bills and for the simple fact money buys things we want.)

(Not mentioning the fact, either, that growing older and older is not necessarily a good thing – those of us not going with cancer are doomed to a life of slowly failing bodies, at the mercy of relatives and the community. A prolonged pain, for certain.)


One thought on “Society transforming

  1. Considering the “right” time to stop the professional carreer my personal reflection is that it’s a great luck for anyone to be able to live through the the the three stages of life; youth, mid life crisis and post productivity ages. Now when the upper boundary moves upwards, quality of life is very different from individual to individual. I meet peoplein their nineties doing a lot more than others in their sixties. For some the profession is a huge partof their personality and for ohters it’s really nothing. personal health is something that to a large extent cannot be contrlled by the indivdual. I think the transition into the third stage of life is something that each individual have to decide over by themself to a larger extent than before. Myself beeing in the last stae already in my forties due to health.

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