Preference. It’s just that.

I prefer books that requires the brain do some work.

Of course I read a lot of light stuff as well. It’s just that (some of) those books are like candy – nice while eating them but leaving the stomach emptier than it started.

But that’s just MY preference. I’d never want to force it on someone else. Reading should be fun.

That makes it tricky to talk about books, though, because it’s inevitable that I voice my opinion and by doing that risk others taking it in a personal way.

“This books that you really liked is trash, and so are you”. Kind of.

So. It’s important to understand that preferences differ, just like we as human beings are different. But this also means that, yes, YOU liked that book but that don’t automatically suggests I will like it. At all.

Sometimes I think a reminder is in place. This IS the reminder.

Preference is personal.
Respect should be universal.

And don’t forget to ask who benefits from you thinking it shouldn’t be that way.


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