When should one properly write a review?

Since some years back I review every new book I’ve read*). It goes something like this – I read the book and while I do so I sketch down thoughts and comments. After finishing it I allow myself an hour or so, and then I write the review.

I have started to wonder if that’s too early, especially when I review books that I think very good. There are authors that have so many themes and threads going on in their books you almost have to read them more than once to get everything. Plus in some cases I actually get so overwhelmed by the story I filter out inconsistencies and other things that for other people makes it a real bad book.

I will continue my practise to review after reading only once. A lot of books aren’t of a kind I want to reread immediately, even if I think them good. So I’d end up writing very few reviews, were I to change my ways.

But I think a really good review needs at least two readings.

Now, if anyone wanted to start paying me for reading and reviewing I might reconsider. But for now I’m short of time as is.
It’s a shame, but sometimes good enough will have to do.

*) The exception being picture books and children’s books, for some reason.

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