Why do I have to be so curious?!?!

I’m eagerly waiting for the start of next Foreigner story arch. Official release date is April 28th, and as the second instalment is finished I may be able to read that as well before the year is to an end.

I know this because I follow the diary notes published by the author, C.J. Cherryh. I read these notes because I’m curious. I want to know what she’s working on, and maybe get some hints on what will happen. But I also know she loves to tease her readers, so why was I caught unaware?!?!

Because in her note for February 7th she, or Herself, as she is called at the fan-site dedicated to her fiction, tells us Bren (the main character) is in trouble. Just in passing. I didn’t realise it was there until my eyes had conveyed the information to my brain for digestion. And obviously the mention referred not to Conspirator, which is the first in this arch, but to Deceiver, which Herself just finished.

Now I have to wait FOREVER before getting to know what this is about!!!


The dangers of curiosity, transparency, reading, and the internet… ;-)
In this case I’d rather had been kept in the dark.

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