Review: Gender in the early medieval world, edited by Leslie Brubaker

This book is a collection of essays offering a view on late ancient/early medieval societies, centred on the remnants of the former Roman empire. By applying a gender perspective to a diverse range of disciplines and sources the collection offers an added and in some cases new perspective on previously held ‘truths’; other items just confirms earlier research.

It is of course close to impossible to review a book consisting of 16 different essays only sharing a loose framework of time, place, and gender perspective. Inevitably there are pieces both good and not so good included. Some were laugh out loud funny. Not intended, I’m sure.
The good stuff is in majority, though, and I recommend the book to anyone interested.

I’m sure at least some of the essays will resurface later on, in further musings, here and otherwise.
The first half of the book also made me want to revisit Sarantium, a fictional Byzantium created by G. G. Kay. This will have to wait, though, as next read will be The Eyre Affair, for the Green Dragon group read.

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