Consider life.

What is it?

The questions are as plentiful as the answers. But ultimately life is what you do with it.

Thinking about how many people actively chose not to live at all but to long for times past or roads not taken the question accurately ought to be What’s NOT life. Maybe.

What prompted this chain of thought, you might ask.

This weekend I discovered I was looking back on some past experiences thinking ‘I could never be like that again’ – meeting new cities, new situations, taking everything in, revelling in the novelties.

With experience comes the ability to see patterns, to foresee, to expect certain things. The blank slate can never be blank again, once it’ve been written upon.

I decided I could only learn from this. That trying to relive the past is to not live today. I’m sure there are still experiences to be made out there. I’m here to make them, to welcome them. To learn new things.

If I shall truly be able to say I have no regrets nostalgia is to be avoided. Life is now!

Even when lethargy sets in.

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