Words do matter

I’ve recently been in a meeting aiming to address a few – ha! understatement if there ever were one – risks pertaining to the project I’m currently assigned to work with.

What I want to is to get the risks up where everyone can see them, and I want them handled. Now, I’m not a risk manager, I’m only a stakeholder, so I don’t run these events – I only participate. But it’s interesting to note how people use words in cases such as these.

Me, I use the words “manage” or “handle”, and “action”. Some people, though, do use the word “mitigate” instead. And to me that don’t signal “we’re going to take action on this one” but “we’re in to do some damage control”; meaning you don’t think you’ll be able to fix things that don’t work but only intend to offer some painkiller for the patient with the broken leg.

Waaay off the map, in my humble /or not so humble/ opinion. So. Are we going to fix the problems, or not?
My guess is the short perspective will rule out the use of the grey matter we were born with, and the problems will stay.

No wonder clients have low expectations on the IT consultancy firms and the software vendors…


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