Two wrongs don’t make a right

…or does it? In my occupation as UX Designer I often encounter opinions in the vein of “X (or, everyone) does this so it must be right”. Substitute X with Microsoft or IBM or whatever you like; even Facebook will do – bad behaviour gets copied faster than your heart beats on overload.

I’m not going to discuss the exact issues here, that’s for another place, but I do like to vent my irritation over the basic argument and the mentality that feeds it. Because it sounds very much like “he did it, too”, the way kids use it to excuse things that went wrong.

The kids don’t get excused, and so shouldn’t those adults either. “Just because” is no reason why you should do so too, at least not without prior thought. Just because every one else was anti-semitic in Europe during the early 20th century it was easy to gas not only jews but other undesirables too. It may seem a harsh parallel but I see a basic human behavioural trait which goes uncontested, which makes us proceed through life without actually learning anything from either or own mistakes or from history – be it the placement of buttons or labelling of fields over book burnings to genocide.

The average person can go through life without ever asking herself WHY anything. In fact, most business ventures and governments are based on the premise that most people don’t much question conventions or success or prejudice. And see where that has taken us.

Fivehundredbillionbillions of horseflies can be WRONG. Cow-dung DO taste like shit. To do a thing solely because everyone else does is a bad habit. Please – BREAK IT. And the world might be a better place…


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