Laws and manners. Only for some.

I live in a fairly well off community. It’s so well off people who aren’t really THAT well off tries to hide it, trying to look and walk like a duck while being something else.

Also everyone seems to have at least three cars, or if they haven’t they try to hide it real well. And most cars are BMW’s, Porsches, Audis, Merc’s and the like. Often the latest model and year. A Porsche SUV, a BMW touring car and a small Audi or Merc for shopping (?) isn’t an unusual sight. Quite a few Ferraris as well.

With all these cars around you’d think people could drive. Or had passed some test, to get a license. But no. Laws are for those people living in other parts of town. Here we’re rich so we should be allowed to do whatever we fancy. So. People are driving at high speeds through neighbourhoods where the lane is wide enough to fit one car, in one direction, and with lots of small kids playing ball on same lane.

People think any stretch of road straight for more than 100 metres is an autobahn and highest possible speed is advised. Even if there’s a crossing in the middle of said stretch, a crossing that leads to a school for 6-9 year old kids. Even if wildlife like hares and roe deer crosses frequently. Even if it ends in a crossroad and a sharp turn. I’m rich and has this incredible expensive car, so everyone will get out of my way.

An acquaintance who’ve been involved in local politics once told me a person complained about those nasty bumps some one had put on the road. When were they to be removed? They damaged his car when he tried to go over them. One word – SPEED-BUMPS!

Oh, and did I mention the parking morale? If there’s a public lawn, park on it. Even if it’s part of a playground. And even if the staff at the pre-school tells people NOT to drive all the way to the door, but to park in the assigned parking space and then – the horror! – WALK 20 metres instead of parking on the turnaround at the gate where real small kids often comes running out. What if they should happen to back over someone’s kid? Well, you know, it wouldn’t be their fault, they’re in their car and has precedence. If people can’t take care of their kids maybe they shouldn’t have any. And now they haven’t, so problem solved.

Did I mention I can’t stand those people?



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