Rereview: Cherryh’s Conspirator, again

Sometimes time and thinking, and discussing with others (not to mention rereading), informs my interpretations. In fact I like to think it improves my reading. This time it made me rethink my previous review, and instead of rewriting an already published post I decided to add a correction, a kind of post script.

In my original review I said that in this book plot is more important than character development. I was wrong. The plot is very visible and straightforward, and that obscures the fact that characters do evolve.

First Cajeiri evolve. He seems to learn something about himself, but he also asserts himself as a future leader, in sync with atevi genes and cultural patterns, to the delight of some and the frustration of others.

Secondly we see something happen with Bren. In previous books he has maintained some sort of balance between his human self and his atevi reality. Here he goes truly native, and without even reflecting on it, and as his mental set-up marks him a as a natural aiji, in atevi minds, he makes some vital choices which hopefully will evolve in the two upcoming instalments – some of which could set him at odds with his own aiji…

We also see the first atevi moron. No names, so not to spoil anything for those of you who are yet to read the book. He don’t start out that way, but negative development is development, too.
In that vein we get some development of the Toby and Barb characters, as well.

So, all in all both plot and character development, intertwined.


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