Spammers – a rant

Every now and then a spam or three is caught in the filter. I find most of them incredibly… incredible. Do they think I’m a total moron?

Like this – someone with a screen name like “How To Make Loads of Cash In No Time” or “I Just Lost 30 Pounds” wants to leave a comment like “Interesting point, I’ve been pondering this issue too, thanks for posting” to a post which is a REVIEW!

So, OK – which point exactly did you think interesting? And what really is this issue you are talking about?

When the same comment is then left to yet another review, some days later, there’s no discussion – I know you’re a spammer.

Life would be so much more fun if you just spent your energies on something worthwhile, instead of pestering the rest of us.

Spammers reminds me of a guy I encountered at a party ages ago (18 or so years, actually, but it’s practically the same thing) who asked ever girl he met if they wanted to get laid, now, by him. Nine of out of ten hit him in the face, but the tenth took his offer.

Woe the stupidity of humankind.

Kind of.

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