Review: Star Trek, The Movie

I can understand not everyone will like this film. For the purists it’s not true enough to material canon to fit. For the non-trek person it’s too stuffed with references to be enjoyable. Added to this my dear husband thought the humour too predictable. Me, on the other hand, had a real REAL GOOD TIME :-)

While maybe what happened not matches what has happened before this gets an explanation in the film, and as it has to do with, you know, quantum physics ;-) it’s not believable. But what does that matter?!?!?! It’s a STAR TREK film, for heavens sake! It’s not supposed to be 1000% believable!!! And anyhow the protagonists stay in character, which is what I think important, in this case.

Spoiler warning
The basic story tells how a renegade from the future threatens the Federation with extinction, and ties in somewhere between the first TOS pilot episode and the first episode featuring the original crew as we know it. It tells how Kirk became captain of the Enterprise, and by the way his daredevil mentality saves humanity. Uhura, Spook, Bones, Sulu and Chekov are with him from the start, albeit not with him anywhere close to the captain’s chair, and he collects Scotty on his way.

Most of the sfx was good, and not overdone, but the red spidery guy trying to kill Kirk on the snowy planet made me think of the Rancorn, of Star Wars/Return of the Jedi fame. Not very good, that is to say. But then not even the LoTR films managed to pull every fx off with grace. So this may be forgiven.
End spoiler

As we know everyone will survive I spent most of the time smiling, even when Kirk or Spook or whoever was about to get killed because killing them would had been… highly illogical ;P

The ending… was fitting. Me like. I will not see at a theatre again (I cannot remember when I ever saw a film more than once), but I will get the DVD, faster than a cheetah can run. And then I will watch it again. And again. A perfect flick for when you’re home sick.

If I have any critique it is that while characters stayed true the message lacked. Nowhere to be seen were the original idea of talking oneself out of a bad spot; of showing grace to one’s adversaries; or to show the possibility of a better future world. But such a message may be to non-PC, presently, for Hollywood to support…

I am a bit wary that this alternate storyline quantum physics have given to us will spawn a new set of daftly made series’. But I’m holding my thumbs for it to end well…


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