Review: Sporting Chance, by Elizabeth Moon

In this book the adventures that started off in Hunting Party continues. After having talked with the king about the mental condition of his sole surviving son Lady Cecelia suddenly has a stroke, resulting in alleged brain damage, and coma. The family places Heris on the suspect list, after it turns out Lady Cecelia had added her to her will, giving her the yacht. Alienated she accepts a mission to take the prince to the Guerni Republic for a medical assessment. To do this she has to ‘steal’ Lady Cecelia’s yacht… and also to let others try to handle Cecelia’s situation.

So, what do I think? It’s a good adventure story, and we also get to know a little about the space that surrounds the Familias Regnant. The young folks gets more time on stage, too, and when that happens this story definitely retains that air of Famous Five also present in Hunting Party. Those bits are not my favourite, and personally I would had liked Heris’ character getting some more flesh, so to speak. But it’s a well wrought piece of entertainment and right now that matches my mood and energies quite well.

Sometimes that’s all you wish for :D


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