Violence… and violence

Here in our world, the ‘western world’, when governments use violence to control it’s citizens it is said that ‘they protects the democratic system from hooligans and terrorists’.

When governments outside that select cultural, not geographical, sphere uses violence in the same way it is said that those governments ‘represses free speech’.

In our world people who raises their voices are ungrateful, lacking in vision, and misguided.
When people outside our world raise their voices they are in their right, and the regimes are wrong, per definition.

That a nation which resort to violence to keep it’s dissidents in check cannot be a democracy is something most people chose to forget, and the willingness to see it for what it is apparently diminishes with the closeness to home. So when protesters around the western world gets bashed on their heads, or when disenfranchised immigrants voices their desperation we all know those people should rightfully be stripped of their legal rights.

Because, you know, we say we live in an egalitarian society were everyone has equal rights and opportunities. If those people can’t see that, that’s their fault.

I tear my hair in desperation. Talk about the “covert disciplining” strategy being successful…

(Not why I wrote this, but if you want to know more about “covert disciplining” as a strategy I recommend Silently Silenced /which to be fair I haven’t read – my edition is named Den dolda disciplineringen, an older and swedish language edition/)


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