Scrubbing plasma exhaust manifolds

Sometimes you’re tasked with things that just isn’t any fun. And if they’re not only not fun but outright boring, and entirely repetitive… then you’re stuck with scrubbing plasma exhaust manifolds. With a toothbrush.

The reference might sail past those who haven’t watched any Star Trek. A colleague asked me about the phrase – I had used it on Facebook, as part of a status line – and when I started the explanation with the word “spaceship” she kind of glazed over ;-)

But sometimes that’s just what I do. I have a great job. I have great family. I love to do what I’m doing, I have great colleagues… but even out there at the frontiers of unknown space some things just has to get done, or you’re fried. So. Sometimes scrubbing plasma exhaust manifolds is what I have to do.

These past weeks have had a lot of that. It steals time and energy from socialising, from doing stuff I like. But I tell myself if those manifolds hadn’t got scrubbed perhaps there wouldn’t be any time at all for doing those things. Because if the spaceship explodes, no one can hear you scream.


Chores. Don’t you just LOVE doing them ;-)
Transporting them somewhere else somehow makes it easier.

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