Radio: Music from around the World

While I’m wringing my hands and bending my brain over a couple of posts on democracy, belief and some other things that seems to have stuck somewhere just prior to clear articulation I’m going to add a few words on something that’s far easier – music, on line.

OK, not that THAT’s an easy topic either, not if we’re going into copyright and stuff, but right now I just want to add a suggestion for listening – SR Världen. Music from around the world, not necessary “World Music” but definitely not hit lit forgettables or brain worms, and no ads or talk – only the odd jingle reminding the listener what channel’s on.

The page is in Swedish but click on the white text saying “Lyssna direkt” in the right hand column and a player will open in a pop up window.

Definitely my preferred source of soundtrack, and every day I find something that I really like that I would not had discovered else. Like yesterday I found Malouma, a female musician from Mauretania. And while I was on it I realised I know next to nothing about that country so started to read up on it, so now I’m a bit wiser as well.

Thank you, Sveriges Radio, for doing such great things with my tax money.
It almost makes me forgive all the truly bad radio out there…

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