Review: Deceiver, by C.J. Cherryh

Deceiver (Foreigner #11) continues where Conspirator (Foreigner #10) left off, with Bren and his aishid, and with Cajeiri, Ilisidi and Bren’s brother Toby (and Barb…) still at the seaside estate of Najida, recuperating from the events that transpired only days ago, while simultaneously making preparations for assaults to come.

In this eleventh book the storyline that started in Conspirator shifts gears, from local to something larger, and with the paidhi trying to improvise on a mix of lack of sleep, too much violence, and fast politics. Business as usual, in other words. And as usual Ilisidi provides a key… a key that leaves one Bren Cameron & aishid in a very tight and uncomfortable spot.

The story is ever more tightly written, with a breathless pace and Cherryh’s trademark humour and a delight in surprising the protagonists.

When the the last page is turned I can only agonise that the concluding book while already written, and named Betrayer, has a year to go before it hits the bookshops. (Update – CJ recently said the cover is being made NOW and that this usually is about 6 months prior to publishing…)

This series is only getting better with each book.


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