Review: Zero History, by William Gibson

Sometime in the late 80’s I found out about William Gibson, and about cyberpunk. I had read science fiction for a long time but this then new to me style rocked my world, like some kind of revelation, placing the stories in the here and now (ironically enough), and I swiftly went out for more – in fact it renewed my then largely dormant passion for the genre.

I’m not one to follow author buzz so I’ve never had any idea when a new book was due or what it would be about but for some reason I’ve been getting his past 6 books in hardback editions, and until Spook Country I hadn’t had reason to be disappointed. That one was a huge letdown, though. Felt hastily written, superficial. Today I know it for what it was – a bridge book. And for some reason I have a lot more patience with those. Especially so when the next book is as good as Zero History.

A beautifully written tale from our almost-future, today or next year, Zero History is more suspense against a backdrop of marketing megalomania than science fiction. A handful of people, all on loose ends, unrooted or uprooted, comes together, coordinated by Blue Ant tycoon Hubertus Bigend. The game he’s aiming for comes with a higher price than he’d counted on and the weave starts to unravel…

While having read the two previous Blue Ant books (Pattern Recognition and Spook Country) adds to the texture of Zero History this book could well stand on it’s own.

Recommended reading for anyone who love suspense of the action drama variety!


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