More gratitude where that came from…

About a year and a half ago I wrote a post on that small word “gratitude”, and how I detest it. Yet again I found reason to vent on that topic and I decided that yes, I want to rant about it one more time.

Some concepts are worth that effort. Perhaps because they are seemingly innocuous while in reality they are poison.

The poisonous part of “grateful” and “gratitude” is that the concept implies helplessness; that humans are unable to affect or influence what happens around them; that we are subject to someone else’s impulses.

The idea is that we should sit and watch while our human rights, our honour and dignity are ripped off us; or be “grateful” when someone allows us a semblance of humanity.

The idea is that we should feel “grateful” that we live in a country where we can live in some kind of decency while damned be the buggers that have done something horrible so deserve to spend their lives in abject poverty.

I just simply detest the idea that we cannot and should not try to influence our living conditions and circumstances. It’s a slap in the face on every human effort, from the modest beginnings of agriculture to modern science. It’s a hoe of dung on the fights for equal rights, for justice.

To me the word “gratitude” is a container for all that.

So please don’t ask me to express “gratitude”, or to feel “grateful”. Ever.


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