Not quite a review: The Philosopher’s Stone, by J.K. Rowling

These past two weeks I’ve been reading the first Harry Potter book to our son. I wasn’t too enthusiastic at first but he loves Lego and when they launched their Harry Potter series he got interested and we decided that no way was he going to get some of that if he didn’t first showed interest in the books.

This isn’t as cruel as it might seem. While Lego is the only plaything he has showed a sustained interest in he have plenty and the Star Wars Lego, which is his thing, isn’t exactly the cheapest stuff out there… So adding another expensive universe wasn’t high on our list. So – the Harry Potter books entered our lives.

And I have to admit at least this first one is worth reading. A bit didactic at times, and the Swedish translation uses a few words not every just turned 7 year old have in their vocabulary but it turned out to be good food for discussion – we ended up talking about different meanings of words, about what REALLY happened, why some people do bad things and why you can’t like everyone (and other such things), and as grand finale we summarised the book with a chat about the main theme (we decided it was the value of friendship and cooperation).

All in all a good experience, and as son can’t read English I’ll divulge that he’ll get the second one for Yule. And the third.
We’re both looking forward to that!

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