Review: Trading in Danger, by Elizabeth Moon

For the longest I thought Elizabeth Moon‘s Trading in Danger was just SF chicklit with a streak of adventure tacked to it. And perhaps it is, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the read. What made it worth it was the quality of the writing (good) and the believability of the central character (high), whose inner doubts and journey takes this from brainless superhuman space adventure and into the realm of a good relief/pleasure read.

After having read the Serrano books props, characters and plot turns had a distinctly familiar feel, and from time to time I couldn’t help wonder if all (or most) of Moon’s books are structured this way, populated by these kinds of characters. Despite this I, as just mentioned, enjoyed the reading experience, and I’m more than pleased that there are authors out there who can write the stories I/we need when the brain needs some unwrinkling to get going again.



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