Review: Engaging the Enemy, by Elizabeth Moon

I’ve found it very hard to write up individual reviews for the Vatta’s War books so these will be real short ones, in anticipation of the series review I will write up later.

At the end of Marque and Reprisal, book #2, Ky Vatta had started to realise that her only honourable alternative was to try to locate remaining family members and to try to find the person responsible for the attack on her family. In Engaging the Enemy, book #3, she takes one step further – she starts to see that this is something that not only has to do with her family but with the power balance in their part of the known universe, all the while struggling with the implications of being someone who need to do something which needs be done if the world is to stay safe, this something being in conflict with the common idea of what is acceptable behaviour.

The book ends with an escape from a skirmish with the enemy – a real cliffhanger… Which means this book, just like Marque and Reprisal is blatantly part of a series, not to be read on it’s own. But I enjoyed it, just as I enjoyed the previous books.

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