Confession of a fan

So, Intruder – Foreigner book #13 – read and reread. I take a look at the shelf, and at the LibraryThing collection listing my To Be Read books. What then do I do?

Well, what is more natural than to reread Deciever (#11) and Betrayer (#12)!!!

I would lie if I said that it was my first reread. And the only reason I chose not to reread Conspirator (#10) too, and thus reread the previous story arch in its entirety, was that I had a very vivid memory of the goings-on in that one and didn’t feel a need to renew the acquaintance.

I’m not going to disseminate books 11 and 12 in detail. I just want to say that every time CJ Cherryh releases a new book I read it as fast as I can and every time I love it, more or less. And I have to admit that sometimes I don’t know if that love is because the book is truly good or because I’m, well –  a fan, and thus slightly off my head.

But reading Deceiver and Betrayer AFTER having read Intruder proved them to be even better now, when read as “history” than I first thought them to be.

Yes, there’s always inconsistencies. Some things you suspect is due to the author’s memory loss (hey, the film industry has continuity secretaries but what author can afford such assistance?!), and most of them are unimportant, like the colour of a dress. Others might change the story, like the vanished (and not) Bujavid apartment. But sometimes things that seemed weird or obscure when you first read about them gets crystal clear in hindsight, and many of the things in Intruder made happenings in the two previous books so much more clearer.

At least to me. So now I enjoyed those two books even more than I did in my previous readings of them, and it makes me realise that while Cherryh is no Ian McDonald or Iain M Banks, just to mention two of my other favourite authors,  she is a master of macro-politics, intrigue and character development.

She rocks, and I am totally justified in being a fan!

Feels good :D

And because I can’t just leave the Foreigner universe there I think I’ll go reread some old goldie. Like Intruder (#2).

*wanders off…*

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