Review: Hull Zero Three, by Greg Bear

Creepy. Compelling. A decently good read, for as long as it lasts (not long).

Something has gone awfully wrong. The protagonist – nameless, for much of the story – finds himself in a nightmare, a nightmare for which he is totally unprepared. He was made to colonise a new planet, to make a new Earth for humanity. Instead he is awakened to the closed world of a defunct spaceship, a spaceship run over by monsters out to kill anything they encounter. Naked, clueless and lacking food and water he needs to find out what went wrong. But first must survive…

For all its violence and desperation and grittiness – or perhaps because those qualities? – this is not a very challenging read; it does not ask what and who is Human, it does not challenge our perception of Society. It does not stretch our appreciation of what is Moral or Ethic; it does not question our view of Humanity and its way to organise itself.

What it does is present the reader with a Situation and continues on to show What Happened Next – a kind of thriller, or horror movie. As that it works pretty well. But when the reading is done the story leaves absolutely no traces in me.

Good entertainment, if you’re into SF. But not essential, in any way.


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