A new turn

The last quarter of 2012 was lousy.

Personal illness, dad crippled with aphasia after a stroke went undetected while he was at hospital, son bullied in school (for being a reader, and for being left-handed), major upheaval at work when my employer shifted ownership (we haven’t seen the last of that)… and meanwhile life has to go on.

It has been difficult to find strength enough to carry the day, and reading have been very erratic.

Presently I am reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I found it in a stand of Penguin Classics at the check-out counter in our local bookshop and I thought perhaps a total change would do me good. But I don’t expect to finish it before the year ends, I spend way too much time this winter break playing Skylanders Giants with son for that to happen. And tomorrow we’ll make a go at Settlers of Catan. Good fun!

So – here’s my wish for 2013; that all these things that have been troubling me will turn out better so I can find a calm space to read in.

I look forward to Guy G Kay’s River of Stars, and C.J. Cherryh‘s 14th Foreigner novel – Protector, both due in April. April will also see the last instalment in Jon Courtenay Grimwood’s Assassini trilogy – The Exiled Blade. And I am certain other books will find their way to me, newly published and old ones yet unread.

Granted I can find the energy for them.

Ahead, new year!


One thought on “A new turn

  1. In retrospect 2013 was almost as lousy as 2012. Of the above I never managed to finish Dracula, did read Protector, started River of Stars… and then reality overtook me. A death in the family, my employer being bought by another company, more sickness in the family, spending all energy on finding a viable living-solution (result – new neighbourhood, new flat, and so far very good) left me drained of energy but also facing some serious personal issues/questions that had to be dealt with before I could move on with life.
    In the end it feels like everything turned out for the better but finding a balanced place to stand has taken time.
    Hopefully I’m now there.
    Here’s for 2014!!!
    Full flank ahead!

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