About the blog & me

What drives a person to seek a singular place to express ones opinions? I don’t know. What I know is I’m opinionated and that the other blog I’m posting at (http://relaterat.wordpress.com) isn’t the right place to express personal opinions and ramblings of a wider scope.

This is not a fault. The above mentioned blog is a group blog owned and managed by a group of User Experience professionals, and to start venting my opinions on books read etcetera would certainly be out of place.

When I’m forced to say something about myself I just say I’m me. I’ll let the text speak for itself.

My real name is Pella. In other places I’m going by the name of Busifer. As aliases goes it’s not the most inventive – it’s the name of my late cat – but I’m not big on heroes or role models and this was an easy and obvious way.

I might add that I’m not born with the English language. That I despite this chose to write in English is mainly due to my having a selection of acquaintances who do not speak or read my native Swedish and I don’t want to keep people out.

That said, I might post an item or two in Swedish, at any given time.

Feel free to comment on that (or on anything else).


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