Other places I’m at

Me at Tumblr, where I post photos that I snap.

Chronicles of a Voyager
…on Medium, where I recently started to publish things that doesn’t quite fit here – this place has evolved be mainly a place where I publish media-related stuff – or on Relaterat (see below). Focus on business culture, inclusion, strategy, and so on.

My profile page at LibraryThing
Great place to be for anyone who is into books. Any kind of books.
I also spend some time at the great LT pub Green Dragon, where talk is both light and deep and… educational.

Photos, by me. I might add that only family and friends can see most photos featuring people, partly to protect the integrity of people who’ve had no choice in being on those pictures.

If you, by chance, are into the fiction of CJ Cherryh I’m also at the Cherryh fansite – Shejidan. It’s a nice place full of considerate erudite and fun people prone both to jokes and indepth discussion on a range of topics. Herself also has a blog – Wave without a Shore – were she talk with people.

I’m also at Facebook and LinkedIn and on Twitter I’m @pellabergquist. And that’s about it


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